Troubled Sleep? Caring for Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Sawing wood, getting Zs. Everyone snores at least sometimes, but this seemingly benign and annoying activity can be a signal of a much more serious underlying problem. Sleep-disordered breathing is a spectrum of conditions that can range from simple snoring to obstructive sleep apnea, a condition where a person stops breathing for a short period multiple times over the course of the night resulting in interruptions in sleep preventing you from having a normal, restful sleep cycle. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the [...]

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Just How Damaging are Sweet Treats to Your Teeth?

Are the sweet treats that we associate with holidays like Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day in the winter holiday season really that bad? And should you deny your Valentine that heart-shaped box of chocolates, conversation hearts or, my favorite, cinnamon red hots? What sweet treats do to your teeth It’s not the sugar alone that causes the trouble with your teeth. The bacteria that compose the plaque on your teeth feed on these sugars. Yes, plaque is a film of bacteria that grows on your [...]

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Dental Phobia: Getting Over the Hurdle

Dental phobia is a real thing. Studies have shown that up to 50 percent of people avoid dental care due to fear and anxiety.  Usually, this condition stems from a prior experience with a dentist at a time years ago when dental procedures were often more uncomfortable due to the technology in use at the time and pain control measures which were not what they are today. Over the years I have encountered many, many patients who are anywhere from mildly anxious to [...]

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Easy New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is traditionally the time when people make resolutions, turn over a new leaf and such. Often, there is the commitment to get one's finances in order, improve one’s mind, eat better, exercise, write that memoir, etc. Well, judging by the evaporation of the crowds at the gym come February, all but the most resolved fade back to their old habits eventually. It’s just human nature. So when you choose your New Year’s resolution, aim low and pick something easy to [...]

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Communicating in the 21st Century!

Dear patients, It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since I began practicing dentistry here in Vermont. Through those years I have established many, many friendships and enjoyed the good fortune of being able to care for the dental needs of you and your families. (Before I go any further, don’t worry, this is not an announcement of my retirement. I’m still going strong and plan to be around for quite a while.) While I have always kept up with advances [...]

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Tooth Whitening: Causes & Solutions

One subject that comes up frequently when I talk with my patients is that of tooth whitening. Everybody wants whiter, brighter teeth, and while in most cases this is not an unrealistic request, it is not as simple as it seems. Considerations regarding whitening include the type of stain on the teeth, fillings and or other restorations that may be present, gum recession and any history of sensitive teeth that the patient may have. What Causes the Staining and Discoloration on My Teeth? [...]

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