Dear patients,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since I began practicing dentistry here in Vermont. Through those years I have established many, many friendships and enjoyed the good fortune of being able to care for the dental needs of you and your families. (Before I go any further, don’t worry, this is not an announcement of my retirement. I’m still going strong and plan to be around for quite a while.)

While I have always kept up with advances in dentistry, I may be a little behind the curve with modern communications. It has been brought to my attention that people are starting to have a hard time finding my practice. It seems people don’t use the phone book anymore.

In response to this, we are joining the 21st century!

The Website:

Find information about the practice and specifics of the services we provide. There is also a spot where you can send us a message. Of course, you can always reach us at (802) 476-6061 or (802) 244-1272. Thank you to our friends at Insights LLC in Waterbury, VT for helping us with this project!

Going Social:

Please like us on our Facebook page! If you feel so inclined, please take a little time to write a review or give us some stars on your favorite social media platform. Word of mouth is the best endorsement and is very much appreciated. Below are links to some of our review sites.

Monthly Emails:

I will be sending out a few emails that discuss interesting topics concerning your oral health with the intent to inform you about the services we provide and recent advances in dentistry.

In the Near Future:

We hope to be able to give you the option to confirm your appointments with an email or text message as well as via the telephone.

I wish to thank you for trusting me for all these years providing your dental care and ask that you check out the website and share it with your friends and family.