cost of dentistryI googled “why is dentistry so expensive?” and was delivered a long list of articles which all said pretty much the same thing. High costs are due to high overhead. Equipment and supplies, insurance, laboratory costs, payroll for a well trained professional staff etc. Did you know that currently, it can cost almost a half a million dollars to educate a dentist?

I feel that our fees are modest (you can call around and compare) but still, costs can be prohibitive for many people. We take several measures to help patients keep their costs manageable. We will always inform you of the different treatment options, if available, and prioritize the order in which things need to be done so you can plan a financial strategy.

We do other things to help patients with their financing as well. Our office will submit your insurance forms for you. For many procedures, you will be billed for the balance after payment has been received from the insurance company. With an extensive treatment plan, we will submit a pre-determination of benefits with your insurance carrier in order to determine what you can expect them to pay.

We also offer financing through a company called “CareCredit”. Care credit is an organization that finances healthcare by issuing a credit card which is excepted at medical, dental, chiropractic and optometrist practices. You can apply online by following this link. Just click Apply Now.

Free Toothbrush to New Cardholders

New CareCredit cardholders can get a free Philips Sonicare Essence+ electric toothbrush! See how below in three easy steps;

  1. Open a new CareCredit credit card account by June 30th, 2018. (Just click Apply Now)
  2. Use new card to pay for a purchase of $200 or more. (Give us a call to discuss what makes sense for your needs)
  3. Register at, with promo code SONICARE.